About Us

What we do

Each Sunday our team of compassionate volunteers goes through Washington DC distributing sandwiches, bottles of water, snacks, clothing and blankets. Through people's generosity, donations are put to good work immediately. We partner with local groups to collect donated clothing which then gets circulated throughout the homeless community.

About the Kassir Foundation

Founded in 2010, the Kassir Foundation launched with a concise mission:
Give to Live

Built on the foundation of infinite passion, the Kassir Foundation strives to implement the "small things" that make a difference in everyday lives.

The journey to instate change begins with a single step: to feed the mouths of those who are hungry, to provide clothing for those in need and to educate those eager to learn. The Kassir Foundation strives to be a support system for those enduring difficult times, and looks to the future in becoming a recognized foundation in aiding homeless communities.

Many of the homeless lived normal lives until they were struck by an unforeseen misfortunate circumstance such as unemployment, divorce, or other personal traumas forced upon them. It could happen to anyone: a friend, a family member, an acquaintance. While the Kassir Foundation acknowledges that it cannot eradicate homelessness altogether, we do believe that we can improve the quality of life for those living on the streets.

Through meals prepared by volunteers, clothing donated by generous givers, to inspirational books passed down by encouraging members, we find that we can make a difference in those lives who are ready for change; and most importantly who are eager for a change. Your involvement, your energy and most importantly your compassion will ignite the hearts of others and together we will make a lasting difference.

About the founder

Mr. David Kassir, founder of Kassir Foundation, conducted a survey in the District of Columbia to determine the root causes leading to chronic homelessness. He was stunned to discover approximately 6000 homeless men, women, and children living throughout the Metropolitan area. Seeing such chronic displacement of lives throughout the District of Columbia gave way to inspired action helping those less fortunate.